Sector Suits’ Terms of Service

By sending in payment, commissioners are acknowledging that they have read and agree to the Terms of Service.

Getting a Quote

Suits and suit parts will not be made for copyrighted characters without express written permission by the copyright holder. Offensive and stolen designs will be rejected and all business regarding that design will be terminated. For references, we will only accept digital reference sheets with at least two views and unobstructed view of all markings and designs (one point allowable if the whole design is symmetrical). Prices quoted are valid for only one month and we at Sector Suits reserve the right to decline clients. Quotes can be requested through our Quote Form.

Commissioning A Suit

Orders with a value of $200 and under need to be paid upfront by the client prior to the start of the commission. For orders over $200, at least 40% of the total must be paid upfront, with payment plans for up to 3 months available upon request. Commissions will not be started until the total cost is paid, and as such we reserve the right to not give deadlines. Commissioners MUST be at least 18 years or older to place a commission of any kind, or all correspondence regarding commissions must be done through the paying parent or guardian directly with Sector Suits. All payments will be done through PayPal Invoice only.

Down payments not eligible for refund EXCEPT in extenuating circumstances to the staff of Sector Suits or due to cases at the fault of Sector Suits.

Duct tape dummies (DTD) are required for all bodysuits. Sector Suits is not responsible for inaccurate measurements or poorly made DTDs and it is the client’s responsibility to provide Sector Suits with an accurate DTD and measurements of their body. All DTDs received will be assumed accurate to the client’s body.

Orders will only be accepted through email. Messages to our business social media accounts regarding commission information will be disregarded. If you have an inquiry not related to a commission or would like an image update regarding your commission, we will happily correspond with you over Telegram or our other social media accounts.

All commissions will be photographed for the official Sector Suits portfolio, and as such they may be worn briefly for testing fit, photographing, and/or adjustments before they get shipped to you. If you would like us to not post these images prior to a reveal/unboxing event, simply send us an email and we will be more than happy to respect your request for first posting.